Comfort Quilts

The Comfort Quilt section of our Guild is well underway.  We have now received  finished quilts and they are being stored to be given away. If you know of a needy person, a family or person who has experienced a devastating fire, a charity group who are doing a fund-raiser, or anyone who you think could benefit from one of our quilts, please let us know.

When a quilt is completed, there is a label to be sewn in. Then all of our comfort quilts are registered in a book which is kept in the bottom cupboard, along with labels and the finished quilts. The new comfort quilt is given the next number which is then written on the label that will  be sewn into the quilt. Beside the number in the book, the name of the quilter and of the quilt (something like 9 patch, I Spy, etcetera) are recorded.

As the quilts go out, we record the number and where the quilt has gone so we can keep track of how many and where we distribute them.

If you know of someone who would benefit from one of the quilts, let Georgean Morden know and we can go through them for you to choose. When we build up a collection of quilts, we will be taking them to places like Outreach, nursing homes, young mothers, and other place that might need them.


Hopefully next Quilt Show we will have a space for our Comfort Quilt display.